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Episodes IV, V and VI


Chewbacca - Peter Mayhew

Chewbacca was born on the tree planet of Kashyyyk he is over two centries old and over two metres tall. At the age of fifty he left his home planet to explore the galaxy, and this is what he did for the next 140 years. But then he was captured by slavers and sold to the Empire. Although he didn't know it his home planet had been subjugated many years ago. Chewie was sent to a labour camp where he was severally mistreated, he was saved from certain death by a young officer called Han Solo.

For his actions Han was expelled from the Empire (not much to his disappontment) for saving his life Chewie left himself in 'life debt' to Han. At first he was just a protector but his friendship grew and he became a loyal friend and companieion to the Corellian. He helped Han as he started his smuggling career, helped by the fast Millennium Falcon which Han won in a game of Sabacc.

At one point, Chewie returned to his home world and met another Wookie called Mallatobuck, who had been looking after Chewie's farther. Chewie and Malla married and she later gave birth to their son, Lumpawarrump - Lumpy.

He then went back to smuggling with Han, and on one run for the crime lord Jabba The Hutt they had to dump their cargo before being boarded by Imperials. They returned to Tanooine to face Jabba but at a cantina in Mos Eisley they encountered Ben Kenobi who promised 17 thousand for passage to the Alderan system. Little did Chewie and Han know that they were getting mixed up in the rebelion against the Empire. Within a little time they had helped resuce the Princess and blow up the Empire's top secret battle station, the death star. They were declared heros by the Rebal Alliance.

This was the start of there help to the Alliance, and during this time Chewie bacame close friends with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in fact after Leia and Han married he helped look after and raise their children.

In the years to come he helped in many rescue efforts to save his friends from various troubles. In his older years he had more time to spend with his family and he also helped eliminate the slavers on his homeworld. He also presented Luke with a new student for his Jedi Academy, his nineteen year old nephew Lowbacca.

Althrough his life Chewie was a loyal even when at great personal risk. He has been a smuggler, pilot and mechanic. And through all this he has remained the true conscience of thsoe around him.